Hello, I’m Rubber Princess

I am a 24/7 Rubber Submissive. This Blog is an attempt to share my daily rubber life with like minded fellow fetish friends

About Me

I do not confess to being anything other than I am, I am just me, I don’t always get things right, in fact it’s quite the opposite if there is a foot to be found in a mouth it usually belongs to me.

I am not always the textbook submissive, but I try, I try very hard, but sometimes I get very frustrated very agitated and upset, I hide a lot, what you see is not always what you get but I am friendly warm and usually happy, I have a temper, which can appear with the flick of a switch.

I am lucky enough to have met and married the man of my dreams even if some days he drives me absolute nuts. We both work hard but we play harder, Life is definitely what you make it and we are continuing our journey down our chosen road.

My husband and I met on Rubberpal, 15 years ago, we have been married for 11 and half years and counting, we share a need for rubber bondage and bdsm, our relationship is not by any means conventional or for everyone but what we have suits us, sometimes my emotions get all tangled up and I struggle to vent, this is my space to get to know myself, mind-body and soul.

A space for me to speak what is on my mind a place for Master to read, understand and fix me… without that man I am nothing, but sometimes I do not appreciate the amount effort it takes on his part, I get tired sloppy and have attitude, but he loves me though it all, and for that I am truly thankful. He’s a good man, with a true heart, I am a lucky submissive and I intend to have the life I dreamt off.

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